6 Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android and iOS

6 Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android and iOS

CamScanner was an excellent app for scanning documents. However, it was found that it introduced a malicious malware which could display intrusive ads on Android smartphones. Since then, Google has removed CamScanner from the Play Store and you should also uninstall the app as a precautionary measure. Following that, if you need a replacement for CamScanner, we have compiled a list of the best CamScanner alternatives in this article. We have made sure that the mentioned apps are well-received by users and created by genuine developers without any history of shady behavior. Now having said that, let’s begin the article and explore apps which have similar features as CamSanner.

Adobe Scan

An application by Adobe, this app is filled to the brim with tons of features. Built in algorithms detect the kind of document you are scanning like receipts, notes, ID cards, or any form of paper, and will crop the image accordingly, saving you a lot of time. There are also tools to enhance the images you just took. The best function though, is probably the ability to use OCR to detect text in pictures.  Unlike CamScanner, the app doesn’t put deliberate watermarks on your documents either.


Scanbot is basically on par with CamScanner in terms of the features it offers. The app can scan all kinds of documents and automatically detect edges and crop them. There is multi-page scanning available and OCR text recognition too. The text recognition even enables users to search for documents with the contents inside it.

Microsoft Office Lens

On the surface, this app by Microsoft is a powerful document scanner in its own right, but if you’re using products from the Microsoft ecosystem, it gets even better. Apart from scanning all sorts of documents,, Microsoft Office Lens even scans handwritten notes, whiteboard tables and diagrams to make them readable. The app allows you to export these documents straight into other Microsoft products like Word and Powerpoint. Other features like OCR support and auto-edge scanning are also present. The app is trustworthy since it comes from Microsoft and you are never going to have to worry about what went wrong with CamScanner. However one con here is the inability to batch-scan.

Google Drive

Most people use Google drive or have it on their phones without even realizing the app can scan documents. While Drive is low on features unlike the other options, it is the go-to app for somebody who is looking for a simple scanner app without all the high-end features. Plus you get the Google integration, and can stay assured about your documents being easily accessible from anywhere. What you will miss out on are features like batch scanning and OCR detection.


TapScanner is a loaded scanning app with features like OCR, batch snanning, and two very cool features. The first is that the app can actually take three pictures simultaneously to create finely detailed scanned documents. This however on some devices seem slower than other apps, but that is understandable for the functionality. The other is the ability of digitally signing your saved PDFs. This is something that no other scanning app we know of, as of now, can do. There are also a number of filters like CamScanner to get your document just the way you want it.


PhotoScan is an app by Google, which is not primarily for documents but for pictures. The app isn’t loaded with features like OCR and batch scanning but when it comes to photos, it can scan photos without losing out on detail. The app’s algorithms excellently auto-detects edges, takes high quality pictures, and even gets rid of glares and blemishes, to give you images that look like they’re taken from an actual scanner.

Notebloc Scanner

Developed by a Barcelona-based company, Notebloc comes with the option to click pictures within the app or import it from the phone’s gallery. It also gets a batch scan mode. However, the cropping has to be done manually, unlike Adobe Scan.You can apply different filters to the scanned document, including photos, docs, and Notebloc. There’s also a separate black and white mode. Furthermore, the app features OCR for typed texts in up to 18 different languages.Using it, you can quickly scan documents and save them as PDF or JPG on your phone or share via social messaging apps. However, the app is ad-supported, which can be annoying for many.

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