Android TV Box From Nokia Is All Set To Launch In India In August
Nokia Android TV Box Is All Set To Launch In India In August

Android TV Box From Nokia Is All Set To Launch In India In August

Android TV Box from Nokia Is All Set To Launch In India In August. Nokia Android TV box is set to debut shortly in India, allegedly. Flipkart, which licensed the Nokia name to introduce items related to television, is now expected to bring a new smartphone to the Indian market sometime in August. Flipkart launched the 43-inch Nokia Smart TV platform with built-in Chromecast and JBL Audio on the Indian market last month, and the e-commerce giant is now aiming to carry the Nokia TV set-top box into August. In addition to the uncertain launch date, the latest article also contains some specifics of the forthcoming Nokia TV set.

Nokia TV Box with Android TV 9.0 Launching in India in August via ...

NokiaPowerUser cites sources from industry to say next month a new Nokia TV device will be coming to India. This Flipkart’s Nokia Android TV box will run on the Android TV 9.0 OS. The study also indicates that the new TV box will offer a 1080p resolution display with Chromecast built-in support.

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In fact, the new Nokia TV box will also allegedly support Google Assistant for voice commands and voice-controlled remote features. If this article carries some weight, Flipkart will soon begin announcing the launch of this new set-top box for Nokia Phones.

Nokia TV Box to reportedly launch in India soon

Thus far, two Nokia Smart TVs have been introduced by Flipkart in India and now it is looking to add the Android TV box to diversify its portfolio. Last year in December, Flipkart for Rs launched the Nokia Smart TV with a 55-inch 4 K UHD screen in India. 41,999 of Rs. The computer runs on an operating system running Android 9.0 TV, supports JBL audio technologies for superior sound quality and has several speakers of 24 Watts. Some key Nokia-branded smart TV features include a quad-core processor and 16 GB onboard storage.

Nokia to launch an Android TV box in India with Flipkart ...

Flipkart only last month launched a new 43-inch Nokia Smart TV valued at Rs. 31,999 in India. The updated 43-inch model has core features including support for JBL Audio and Dolby Vision. The 43-inch Nokia Smart TV model comes with Chromecast built in.

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