Best Profitable Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money [List 100+]
Best Profitable Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money
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Best Profitable Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money [List 100+]

I know just how difficult it can be to come up with a blog niche idea and I want to help.

If you’re struggling with choosing a niche for your blog, here are 100+ great niche ideas to get you started on the road to blogging success…

So, if you’re still thinking “What should I blog about?” – this list will help.

Just be sure to always consider your target audience – especially if your niche is fairly broad.

It’s great that you are thinking to start your blog in 2020. The first thing that pops into your head is what to write about in the niche. You might get tempted to write just on what you love, but there is more to it.

How To Choose A Profitable Niche For Your Blog [An Easy Step by Step Guide]

General Blog Niche List

  • Personal finance niches
  • Health and wellness niches
  • Parenting niches
  • Self-improvement niches
  • Building websites niches
  • Lifestyle blog niches

Technology Blog Niche List

  • Building a mobile application
  • Building a mobile application without coding
  • Mobile apps for seniors

Travel Blog Niche List

  • City guides
  • Travel tips
  • Learning a new language
  • Traveling for work
  • Sports travel: how to travel to go skiing, snowboarding, or others
  • Traveling to see your favorite sporting events such as major league sports, Olympics, or others
  • Minimalist traveling
  • Working while traveling
  • Being a working nomad

Relationships Blog Topics

  • Blended families
  • Weddings and marriage
  • Life after divorce

Green Blog Niches

  • Eco-friendly homes
  • Living green with a family
  • Sewing your own clothes
  • Canning and other “retro” food preparations that have gone out of style
  • Urban commuting (walking, cycling, public transportation, or other methods)
  • Living more sustainably
  • Moving to the country
  • Life in the country for city slickers

Blog Niches for Hobbies

  • Gardening for condo dwellers
  • Drawing for newbies
  • How to draw anime
  • Learning to play the ukulele or mandolin
  • Sailing
  • Makeup tutorials and help
  • Community gardening
  • Creating great videos with your smartphone

Food Blog Niches

  • Wines
  • Sparkling wines and champagnes
  • Exotic cuisines: culture and tutorials
  • Home-cooked meals for specific niches like frugal cooking, vegan cooking, and more
  • Baking for kids
  • Craft beers
  • Meal planning with kids
  • Meal planning for busy couples
  • Food travel: learn how to cook the local cuisine while traveling

Entertainment Niches

  • Genre-based movie or TV review sites
  • Funny pet videos
  • Musical theater fans
  • Opera and classical music fans
  • Stand-up comedy instruction
  • Upcoming events for a specific group, locale, or genre

Gaming Blog Niches

  • Video game tutorials for beginners
  • Game reviews for specific platforms or genres
  • Game walkthroughs and tips
  • Strategy games help
  • Card games and board games for those who like analog gaming

Fitness and Sports Niches

  • Yoga for specific age groups
  • Crossfit training
  • Cycling for beginners
  • Home cycle repair
  • Running and marathons
  • Hiking
  • Cheerleading
  • Training for a specific sport or event
  • Self-defense training for women, kids, single travelers, or others

Education and Career Blog Topics

  • Career advice for specific jobs or industries
  • Career coaching
  • Learning new skills to get a new job
  • Study hacks for high school or college students
  • Starting a side-hustle
  • Self-employment
  • College planning for home-schoolers

Pet and Animal Blog Niches

  • Rescue animals
  • Getting a dog, cat, or other pet for beginners
  • Farm animals as pets
  • Working farm animals (think using goats to keep your lawn trimmed, that sort of thing)

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