Choose Blogging as a Profession in Todays’s Digital Era, Follow these tips for Successful Blogging
Choose Blogging as a Profession in Todays's Digital Era, Follow these tips for Successful Blogging
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Choose Blogging as a Profession in Todays’s Digital Era, Follow these tips for Successful Blogging

Have you been thinking to start a blog? Not sure if blogging is still a great career choice for you? Is there a room still for a new blogger like you?

Let me tell you, I was so poor at writing and had no idea about blogging gig. I would doubt myself and carried blogging fears for a very long time. Thanks to pro bloggers who came into my blogging life and changed it to better.

I started befriending and to learning. THINGS really started changing!

So, YEAH!! Blogging as a profession definitely allow you to have fun while you work and earn passive income.

Here is the GURU secret to become a successful and earning blogger:

“Blogging is a serious business and you need to behave like an entrepreneur. Like any other business, it has competition and takes a lot of time, energy and your passion to grow. It involves constant learning, experimentation, data recording and implementation.”

Let’s dive in to learn more about this lucrative career option. 5 facts about blogging profession you need to know

1: Blogging is not the quick way

To blog, you just need a hosting, domain and a laptop. Besides age is not really a constraint here. Even a school kid, college dropout or 9-5 professional can start a blog and earn.

BUT, your blog is not going to earn you loads of cash overnight. It is only for them who have patience. Blogging success totally depends on YOU, the amount of energy and time you invest defines the success frame and rate.

So you must be mentally prepared to accept the fact that “Blogging is not a quick-rich-ponzy-scheme.”

2: Blogging demands consistency

66% of new bloggers quit blogging in less than a year of time as they lack discipline. What they SEE is those fancy income reports of bloggers who earn and what they DON’T SEE is the efforts such bloggers put to reach that level and time takes for it.

As a blogger, you are required to invest thousands of hours in learning blogging, creating helpful content, building backlinks, doing SEO and networking. Overall, YOU need to add value to your audience.

It is not necessary for you to publish a piece each day or even a week. But, you need to have a publishing schedule and let your audience know when to expect new content from you. Like once in a month or twice etc. You also need to show up on social media like Twitter and post actively.

3: Creating GREAT content is a need

Content play a key role in building a successful blog.

Google won’t reward you with good rankings for creating a lot of content BUT for creating a lot of quality content.

When I say quality, it doesn’t mean you have to be a prolific and sound writer. In fact, most earning bloggers have just average writing skills.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to know your audience intent of visiting and write for them by optimizing your content with rich keywords. In this way, you are satisfying both the readers and search engines. Believe me, that’s the TRICK to win Google’s 1st page positions and generate big potential traffic to your blog.

4. Backlinks are must

Don’t assume that having top-notch content alone on your blog help you rank.

You equally require QUALITY backlinks for your content to make it rank on Google. Backlinks are one of the major ranking signals search engines take into account in order to reward a page.

The more relevant and quality backlinks you have from trusted and authority sites, the better you can rank on Google.

5. Learning is CONTINUOUS

Do you think an online business will mark to its next level without following and keeping up with the latest market trends? It’s a NO!

As I always say, starting a blog requires is easy but to take it to the level of earning requires a lot of skills.

You regularly need to keep an eye on your competition and learn what methods they are following to create content, build backlinks, drive traffic and engagement. Discover what tools and plugins they’re using to design their blogs, create sales funnels, and observe their selling style.

There is always something one can learn from their competition.

Besides, Google algorithms are changing every single month and you need to be updated so that you can win the SEO game.

So I say, learning is never-ending and you don’t hesitate to buy courses or eBooks from pro bloggers around.


There is hardship behind the face of every coin. So don’t fall for fancy income reports you see of successful bloggers. Most of them are fake, and you can feel it if someone is real.

As I’ve put the facts of blogging profession, it is your choice to get into blogging or not.

Either way, don’t quit your current job or college to start blogging, I won’t suggest that. Start a blog at your free time, dedicate it time and energy to grow. Have fun while you blog and help audience as much as you can. Once you start seeing decent readership to your blog, start monetizing.

So that’s all about blogging profession, hope I have helped you today. Got any questions? Please join in the comments section

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