Facebook Launches ‘Transfer Your Information’ Tool to Help Back Up Google Docs Posts, Plus: How to Go Through It
Facebook Launches 'Transfer Your Information

Facebook Launches ‘Transfer Your Information’ Tool to Help Back Up Google Docs Posts, Plus: How to Go Through It

Facebook has rolled out a new native tool called “Transfer Your Information.” This latest solution allows you to upload Facebook posts to Google Docs or even integrate them into your Blogger or WordPress.com blog. Facebook is attempting to make transferring data to a third-party site simpler for consumers. Not only can you use the app to migrate your Facebook messages, but you can also use it to transfer your Facebook notes.

Transfer The Information is essentially a rebranding of Facebook’s previous data portability feature, which now allows users to upload Facebook updates and notes to Google Docs, Blogger, and WordPress.com.

This is an expansion of the data portability tool’s previous reach, which enabled users to migrate their Facebook images and videos to sites like Dropbox and Google Photos.

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The latest update aims to make it easier for people to transfer their posts from Facebook to other sites. It can, of course, make things simpler if you’re planning to leave Facebook in the near future but don’t want to risk your info.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the latest tool to export your Facebook posts.

What is the best way to export your Facebook posts?
Users of the social media site on both smartphone and the web should follow the measures outlined below. We’ve also included instructions for transferring Facebook posts to Google Docs, but the directions are essentially the same if you’re transferring to Blogger or WordPress.com.

Go to Facebook.com and choose Settings. After clicking the Settings & Privacy feature in your Facebook account, you can also switch to Settings.
Now, choose the option to Transfer a copy of your details by clicking or tapping it.
You will be prompted to type your password on Facebook.

Select your posts.
Select a destination from the Choose destination drop-down list by clicking or pressing it.

Once you’ve made your selection, press the Next button.
Facebook will now begin the verification process and ask you to sign in to the destination you chose. If you like Google Docs, for example, you’ll need to sign in with your Google Account.
Permission to update, build, and remove information on the destination source should be granted to Facebook. This effectively allows Facebook to migrate content from your Facebook posts to your Google Docs.

You’ll be asked to allow Facebook to access, create, and update your Google Docs content in the next step.

Facebook will validate the permissions once more before returning you to the page where you must press the Confirm Transfer button to transfer a copy of your files.
You’ll be able to monitor the progress on the Facebook page until the transfer is started. If you don’t want to move all of your Facebook messages, you may still stop the process. Additionally, after the process is complete, you will be able to send all of your Facebook posts to your desired location.

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