How to Earn Money Online at Home
How to Earn Money Online at Home
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How to Earn Money Online at Home

Making money online is not a big deal. With planning and guidance you can make huge money online in a short period of time. We always see a few questions on the internet on how to earn money online at home. There are some related questions like the following.

  • How to earn money online from home without investment
  • Free online jobs for students without investment
  • Earn money online from home
  • Make money online
  • How to earn $100 per day
  • How to earn $1000 per month

In this article, I will guide you with my experience of how to make money online at home. Read this article and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at my YouTube channel TechBrainism. I will be glad to help you in a proper way.

Here is a list on how to make money online.

Earn Money from Blogging

If you like to make money online, blogging is at the top of the list. Earning from blogging is not only from Google AdSense. There are so many ways of making money from blogging. With proper guidance making money from blogging is only a few steps ahead from you. You have to know the following and you will start earning.

  • What is SEO in blogging
  • What is keyword planner
  • How to write SEO friendly article for blogging
  • Why should I use WordPress
  • What is the must use plugins in WordPress
  • How to apply for AdSense for blog
  • How to promote blog
  • Can I earn from blogging other than AdSense

I am here to guide you in every scenario.

Earn Money from Domain Trading

Domain trading is not so much popular like blogging. But in the business of domain trading, you can make really huge money in a short period of time. In this case, you need some investment. But the return is awesome.

Here you have to buy a domain at less price and sell online at more price. The questions that arise here are the following.

  • What is the domain?
  • How to purchase a domain?
  • How to sell a domain?
  • Which is the best place to purchase a domain?
  • What is the best place to sell a domain?
  • What is a premium listing?
  • How to purchase a domain from GoDaddy?
  • How much can I earn from domain trading?

Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

Earning from affiliate marketing can be sometimes your main source of income if you understand the basic principle behind this. So the first question is ‘what is affiliate marketing?’.

Suppose you are having an affiliate account on Now for any product in Amazon, you can create your own link. Now if someone purchases that product from your link, you will get a commission. This may be 1% to 10% depending on the product. So if you have a blog or YouTube channel, you can easily share the product link.

But affiliate marketing is not limited to e-commerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart.

Earn Money from Your YouTube

It’s very popular in the internet. Every one know that they can make money from YouTube. But without proper knowledge of YouTube algorithms, no one can earn from YouTube. There are huge competition. So you have to follow some principles to earn from YouTube.

Earn Money from Sponsorship

When you will start blogging or YouTubing, after few months, you will get mail from companies to promote their products in your blog or YouTube channel. They will pay you for that. That’s call sponsorship. There are very good opportunities if you have a good blog or a YouTube channel. Suppose you have a tech YouTube channel like TechwithDeb or tech-related blog like then tech-related companies will give you sponsorships. Earning from blogging can be more than $10000 in a month.

Earn Money Making Android Apps

We all use the app daily. It may be an Android or iPhone. Apps are on every platform. Now if you can make an app, upload in-app store. If users download and start using your app you can make thousands of dollars from your app. But for this, you have to know

  • How to make the app
  • How to upload the app in play store/app store
  • What is play console
  • How to create an account in the play console
  • How to make app viral

Earn Money from Share Market

This requires investment. If you have some extra money to play in the share market. Gather knowledge and start. You can earn a good amount of money here. But don’t forget to remember you need someone to guide.

Earn Money from Quora

To earn from Quora, you have to enroll yourself in Quora Partner Program. But it’s invite-only. So you can not apply just go and sign-in method. You have to create an account in Quora and do some basic works and wait for their mail to join Quora Partner Program.

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