Know full process how internet works and how it reaches you
Know full process how internet works

Know full process how internet works and how it reaches you

In this age of today, we cannot wish our life without internet. Many people are like me who are afraid to wish their life without internet. We must have been in such a situation many times when we would have had to spend our day without internet. But either you or I know how we must have spent that day. However, the thing without which we cannot live properly even for a day, do you know how many people work on reaching it to us or even how many people work to bring it to us. Do you know how the internet works? And what is the internet actually? Have we ever thought about it? Perhaps many people reading this article must have thought about it. Although people who have never thought about it, today we are going to tell them what the internet is, and how it works. So let’s start and know how it all happens.


  • Do you know how the internet reaches your home?
  • Today we are going to look at the Internet and some of the untouched aspects related to it?
  • Today we will tell you how the Internet is delivered to you.


The Internet is a globally connected network that transmits data through multiple media channels using TCP / IP. In addition, the Internet is a network of global exchanges based on private, public, business, academic and government networks, all connected to each other by guided, wireless and fiber-optic technology. In this way, you can know in easy terms what the Internet is. Although you have to go into a lot more depth to understand this, but we have given you information here as simple as could be. Let us now talk about how the Internet works.

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  • Now that we know what the Internet is. Now finally we are going to tell you about how an Internet works, now this is the same stage where you need a browser. Your browser can be called a ‘client application’. It can also be said that this is a program, which gives you the freedom to request different websites etc., and it also responds to the data that is sent back to you from the website. Let us now know in detail how the Internet works.
  • We know that a server has an important role in running the internet etc. And each server has its own unique IP address. For example, is a server address.
  • Now when you put a request for a website through your browser, somewhere your browser needs to know what its IP address is. As soon as the browser finds it, then after that your browser contacts the DNS domain name service, here the IP address of this URL is seen. You can also view DNS as a phone book.
  • As soon as your IP address is retrieved by your browser, your browser tries to contact the server with the help of a socket connection. After this, the website you requested about it is opened.
  • Now an open connection has been established between your browser and server here, now it will open the web page according to your request. However, some rules are followed until your request is sent via the Internet, and we know these rules by the values ​​of TCP? IP and HTTP protocols.
  • You can also understand it in such a way that any request you make and every information sent from the web server is chopped into a small data packet. Suppose that you have requested for a photo but it is distributed at the same time in some data packets etc. They can also be called tiles. This tile can also be seen as an IP address. This is how the Internet starts its work.
  • All data packets are then delivered to the web server, after which the web server searches these articles, just like you search for a file in your cupboard. As soon as this file is found, then the web server also splits this data into pieces, and they are again sent to the browser.
  • As soon as your browser receives all the data packets, then you see them as HTML, CCS, Javascript and image files as an article. As soon as all the files are processed, you can see it on your browser screen.

Now you must have come to know on a large scale that how the Internet works to pass any data to you and through which steps. That is, now you know how the Internet works.

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