know RELIANCE JIO’s new announcements, Made in India 5G network and more
know RELIANCE JIO's new announcements, Made in India 5G network and more

know RELIANCE JIO’s new announcements, Made in India 5G network and more

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited has made several new announcements at the 43rd Annual General Meeting of the company. Which includes operating system for entry-level smartphones, homemade 5G network, Jio TV +, Jio Glass etc. Jio also announced that Google is going to invest Rs 33,737 crore on the Jio platform. Let’s know what new Reliance Jio has offered. 

 Jio 5G, Made in India 5G Network

Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance Jio has announced Jio 5G network service. Ambani termed it as Made in India 5G solution and said that the service will be ready as soon as the India Main 5G specification is available and by the next year it will be available for field deployment. Apart from this, he also assured that it would be easy to upgrade from 4G to 5G.
 Android-based operating system for entry-level smartphones

Reliance Jio has partnered with Google to build Android-based operating systems for affordable smartphones. This will work for phones coming with Android OS entry-level hardware and the Play Store will also be optimized to work with it.

 Took 7.73% equity stake in Google Jio platform

Google has invested Rs 33,737 crore in Jio Platforms which turns into a 7.73% equity stake. With this, the total investment from financial and strategic investors in the Jio platform is Rs 1,52,056 crore.

 Jio and Google will make entry-level affordable smartphones

The Jio platform and Google have signed a commercial agreement under which an entry-level affordable smartphone will be introduced which will be optimized with the Android operating system and the Play Store.

Jio announced its plan for 2G free India

Looking at the partnership of android based OS with Google, Jio has also made its intention clear that the company will work on faster smartphones on affordable smartphones. Ambani said, Reliance Jio wants to create 2G free India, where all the phones can move beyond the slow 2G network.

Announces JioTV + for Jio Fiber Set Top Box

JioFiber set-top box users can view content through the new JioTV +. It is a content aggregator that offers TV channels, shows, movies and service from many apps.

Reliance Jio introduced Jio Glass for mixed reality service

Jio Glass comes with a light weight of 75 grams. From the outside it looks like a normal sunglass but it is thicker than the parts to give space to sensors and hardware. It pairs with your smartphone and comes with amplified compatible apps to enter the 3D augmented world. It supports glass spatial and directional XR sound system that plays on all audio formats without any wired attachments. As we have mentioned earlier, the Mixed Reality headset has the support of 25 mixed Reality applications including entertainment, learning, gaming, shopping and productivity. Jio has not provided information on the price and availability of Jio Glass at AGM.

Source: Jio & Google

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