Leica M10-R Unveiled The Latest Rangefinder Camera In India At Just ₹6,95,000 Only
Leica M10-R Rangefinder Camera Launched in India at Rs. 6,95,000

Leica M10-R Unveiled The Latest Rangefinder Camera In India At Just ₹6,95,000 Only

Leica M10-R was unveiled by the German company as the latest Rangefinder camera. The new offering, which is the newest upgrade to the original Leica M10, comes with a 40.9-megapixel image sensor as the highest-resolution camera in the firm. The Leica M10-R also provides a maximum sensitivity of up to ISO 50000 and an exposure time of up to 16 minutes to allow you to capture not only vivid daylight shots but also decent night-time images. The new camera is mainly designed for architectural and landscape photography, although it can also be used as a daily driver, albeit at a high cost.

Leica M10-R price in India

Leica will launch its M10-R via YouTube on July 22, 2020 ...

In India the Leica M10R price was set at Rs. 6,95,000. This is higher than the $8,295 (around Rs 6,22,600) US price. The camera will also go on sale in the Indian market starting in August. 

Leica M10-R specifications

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The Leica M10R has the CMOS sensor (40.9megapixel) as its USP. There is also a range of ISO 100 to ISO 50000 sensitivities. The camera also has the Leica M10P’s metalblade focal plane shutter feature, regarded as “extra quiet.” Yet you are not going to have an automated shutter.

Leica has made no improvements to the M10-R specification to what was available on the M10-P. The camera is made of an all-metal diecast magnesium frame with a soft leather cover and top and base panels of brass. The Maestro II image processor, internally, is also the one that already power the existing 24-megapixel rangefinder. You’ll also have the same 3-inch TFT monitor — plus a large, bright line frame viewfinder.

Leica's new M10-R packs a 40-megapixel sensor

The Leica M10-R supports DNG and JPEG file formats, and comes with the lens adapter for the M bayonet. There are distinct exposure modes with the option to select between priority aperture and manual shutter speed and adjusting aperture.There are also manual dials to allow you to easily control adjustments including aperture and shutter speed according to your frame requirements.

The Leica M10-R has 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi, in terms of wireless connectivity. The camera also has an accessory shoe with which to attach a xenon flash unit. It measures 139×38.5×80 mm in addition, and weighs 660 grams.

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