Mi Pad 5: Dual Rear Cameras and a ‘Smart Pen’ are said to be among the features.
Mi Pad 5

Mi Pad 5: Dual Rear Cameras and a ‘Smart Pen’ are said to be among the features.

Mi Pad 5 Releasing Date

Xiaomi stated on Weibo that the Mi Pad 5 series will be released in China on August 10. The business released a photo of the Mi Pad 5 with its pen. The tablet appears to be made of a smooth metal with rounded corners. The Xiaomi Smart Pen stylus has been seen in a US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing, indicating that the version would have Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, a tipster has supplied a live image of the Mi Pad 5’s rear camera module.

Mi Pad 5 Built Material

A launch poster that depicts the tablet and stylus is included in a Xiaomi Weibo post. The Mi Pad 5 features a svelte metal frame with rounded edges. The display appears to be a little higher than the frame. In terms of the stylus, the image doesn’t reveal much other than the fact that it’s a rather regular-looking stylus. However, an FCC listing for a “Xiaomi Smart Pen” with the model number M2107K81PC indicates that it supports Bluetooth v5 LE, or low energy Bluetooth. A button on the stylus is also depicted in the listing.

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Mi Pad 5 Camera

In addition, tipster Mukul Sharma has released a photograph of the Mi Pad 5’s back camera module on Twitter. A twin rear camera array and a flash module are visible in the live image. The text “AI Camera” is inscribed on the camera module. A huge button, which is most likely the volume rocker, can also be seen on the frame. The tablet appears to be silver-bluish in colour.

Mi Pad 5 Variants

Xiaomi is likely to release three Mi Pad 5 models: a standard Mi Pad 5, a Mi Pad 5 Pro, and a Mi Pad 5 Lite variant. The Snapdragon 860 SoC, a 10.95-inch 2K display with a 120Hz refresh rate, and a 12-megapixel primary camera are all expected to be included in the Mi Pad 5 Lite. The Snapdragon 870 SoC could be used in the other two models. All three versions are rumoured to have high-refresh-rate displays with a resolution of 2K. The Mi Pad 5 Pro is expected to support 5G as well.

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