Mysterious facts that remain unsolved until today

Mysterious facts that remain unsolved until today

Our world is shaped by all sorts of unseen forces that we don’t fully understand. So let’s take a look at some of the unsolved mysteries that plague the minds of physicists. From dark matter to the multiverse, it’s time to delve into a world in which truth is stranger than fiction.

1. Blood types

Scientists are still trying to find out why humans have different blood types. In the early 1900s Karl Landsteiner first discovered the types of blood and that certain kinds cannot mix. There are many theories on how we are divided into these categories, but the question remains as to why humans have different blood types at all.

2. Thundercloud in Australia

There is a thundercloud in Australia that forms almost every afternoon from September to March each year. It reaches heights of approximately 20 kilometers and has become the subject of numerous studies by meteorologist worldwide. Named Hector the Convector, it forms almost every afternoon on the Tiwi Islands in Northern Territory, Australia. It is believed that nearby sea breezes causes it.

3. Chilean Ghost Town

A 6-8 inch long skeleton was discovered outside a Chilean ghost town. It has hard teeth, a bulging head, and scaled skin that had people believing it was some type of extraterrestrial. Only after it was declared human did the question arise for an explanation for its incredibly tiny size, mutations, and origin. Those questions were never answered.

4. Lost their Prime Minister

 In 1967 Australians lost their prime minister in the most unusual case. It was one of the largest search operations in the country’s history, yet no remains or personal belongings were ever found. Harold Holt was Prime Minister for 22 months before he disappeared while swimming at Cheviot Beach. The massive manhunt began by police, and was eventually continued by the diver from Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force helicopters, Army personnel, and many local volunteers.

5. Gorilla That Responds

There is a gorilla that responds to a question about death with: “Comfortable hole, bye”. Koko is famous for knowing sign language. When asked where gorillas go after death, Koko hastily responded by signing “Comfortable hole, bye.”

6. Musical Savant Instrument

After enduring a brain injury in the shallow end of a swimming pool, a man lost 35% of his hearing and some memory loss, but he gained the ability to become a great pianist. But a few days after the incident he said he felt “inexplicably compelled” to sit at a keyboard. The condition is known as Acquired Musical Savant Syndrome.

7. Rarest Motorcycle in the World

The rarest motorcycle in the world “Traub” was found behind a brick wall in Chicago. It was found in 1968 and still runs to this day. Dale Walksler, the current owner, reveals it can be dated back to 1916. The engine’s technology was well ahead of its time, and even some mechanisms on it had never been used on any other American motorcycle.

7. The World’s Largest Virus

The world’s largest virus, named Pandora, was found off the coast of Australia. It holds about 93% of unidentified genetics besides the virus itself. This suggests an “extraterrestrial” origin, but scientists cannot say with absolute certainty that it does not pose a danger to human kind.

9. The Devil’s Kettle

The Devil’s Kettle is a massive hole that swallows half a river and no one has any idea where it goes. Over the years, researchers and curious people alike have poured dye, ping-pong balls, and even logs into the kettle and search for any sign of their reappearance. So far, none of the contents have ever been found.

10. The Great Attractor

“The Great Attractor,” as scientists call it, is a dark matter so dense it is pulling our galaxy, and many others, towards it at any given time. At a speed of 22 million kilometers (14 million miles) per hour, this huge volume of space is roughly 250 million light years from our solar system. This means that the eventual fate of the universe is tied to the presence of a dark matter and energy, and no one knows what it or where it ends up!

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