PUBG Mobile Gets 90 FPS Gameplay Exclusively on Select OnePlus Phones
PUBG Mobile Gets 90 FPS Gameplay Exclusively on Select OnePlus Phones

PUBG Mobile Gets 90 FPS Gameplay Exclusively on Select OnePlus Phones

OnePlus has revealed that the famous battle royale game PUBG Mobile will now be played on a select number of its smartphones in 90 frames per second (FPS). The Chinese giant said the feature will be available only on series OnePlus 7 L, OnePlus 7 T and OnePlus 8. The 90 FPS experience will be available globally from 6 August to 6 September, except for a handful of countries. It is the first time every mobile should have PUBG Mobile available at 90 FPS.

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OnePlus said in a press release that on Thursday, August 6, owners of the OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7 T and OnePlus 8 series could access the game and play it in 90 FPS. Both of those apps have a 90Hz and higher screen refresh rate. Interestingly, the experience on the recently launched OnePlus Nord which also has a refresh rate of 90Hz won’t be available.

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Although the 90 FPS gaming will be available across the globe, OnePlus said gamers in Japan, Korea, and Mainland China do not have the improved framerate available to them.

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PUBG Mobile, where the last-man-standing battle royale pits players against each other, needs gamers to quickly pan the screen to spot the enemies. The 90 FPS experience is said to enhance the gameplay as it would make activities much smoother such as using a scope, running and looking for other online players. It also means that gamers would have an advantage over competitors on standard phones with a higher framerate on the aforementioned OnePlus phones.

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“OnePlus is really close to our computer fans culture, and we know smartphone gamers are searching for a more immersive and smoother experience. That’s just what we are bringing with this unique 90 FPS experience with PUBG Video, one of the most popular mobile games in the world,” OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said in a release.

PUBG Mobile is now starting to add functionality and improvements to games to keep consumers involved. On 6 August, the new beta update released the much-anticipated Erangle 2.0 chart. Through another update, the game presented the new Golden Pharaoh X-Suit as the first-ever upgradable player suit.

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