Top 5 Best Hand sanitizers to Buy Online in India
Top 5 Best Hand sanitizers to Buy Online in India

Top 5 Best Hand sanitizers to Buy Online in India

Research suggests that hand sanitizing gels of at least 60% alcohol are effective against the new coronavirus. So here we are here to suggest you some best hand sanitizers to buy online in India.

1. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer
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  • It is specially formulated to be non sticky and rinse free. The sanitizer comes in a very easy to use bottle so that there is less amount of spillage while using. The pump dispenser ensures that it remains uncontaminated from other things.
  • This sanitizer is perfectly safe for family use and children. One can select from three different options as it comes in normal sanitizer and also in floral essence and spring fresh fragrance.
  • It is non-irritating, non-toxic that will suit all the skin types effectively. It is an alcohol based hand sanitizer but does not dry out the skin like other alcohol based products due to its carefully formulated moisturizing gel.
  • The bottle is convenient to carry anywhere on the go. Overall, it is truly value for money.

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2. Sterillium hand sanitizer Blue Pack

Sterillium hand sanitizer Blue Pack
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  • If you have worked in or visited a hospital, then you must have definitely seen one of these bottles. Widely used in medical industry for over 50 years now, the Sterillium hand sanitizer is one of the best products in the market.
  • It is an alcohol based hand sanitizer that is extremely effective at killing microorganisms. It is a ready-to-use rub-in product that is trusted for surgical hand disinfection as well.
  • It gives the user long lasting effectiveness of upto 6 hours and is useful for disinfecting bacteria, yeasts and other viruses. It does not cause skin irritations and is very mild upon application. Apart from this the sanitizer leaves your skin hydrated as well and gives you excellent after effect.
  • Tolerable for all skin types , this product can be used in a variety of settings. It comes in different quantities of bottle that vary in price. On the whole, we highly recommend buying this product as it is widely used by medical professionals.

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3. Lifebuoy Care Immunity Boosting Sanitizer

Lifebuoy Care Immunity Boosting Sanitizer
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  • Another very well known brand among hygiene products is Lifebuoy. The Lifebuoy care immunity boosting hand sanitizer kills about 99.99% germs, giving you an immunity of up to 10 hours straight.
  • It comes in different sizes pocket friendly bottles that are easy to carry anytime and anywhere. It is a great sanitizer for both adults and children. This product is available in an amazing lemony fragrance that keeps you feeling refreshed and smelling great.
  • Not only this it has total 10 and care variants, you can also purchase a pump pack for household use to avoid spillage or wastage. It is a little bit sticky though and takes some time to dry up. Overall for the price, it is a good product to have especially when you like fragrant sanitizers.

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4. Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer Lemon

Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer Lemon
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  • Next up we have the Himalaya Pure hands hands sanitizer. Himalaya is known for its products that use natural ingredients. The same goes with this hand sanitizer as it contains herbs extracts like coriander and lime.
  • The sanitizer combines the goodness of all the natural ingredients like lime, coriander and neem. It is an alcohol based hand sanitizer though that kills 99.9% bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.
  • The natural and known Indian ingredients make this sanitizer the perfect product for the people who like ayurvedic products. All these ingredients effectively moisten your hands and protect your skin from oxidative damage.
  • The most amazing thing about this hand sanitizer is that it is hypoallergic in nature and hence will not cause any allergic reactions. The sanitizer is extremely safe for use for everyone.
  • The sanitizer comes in a very easy to carry and use bottle with a push pump as well. All in all, the Himalaya Pure hands sanitizer is definitely on the money.

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5. Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer

Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer
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  • Dabur is know for its wide range of Ayurvedic and natural consumer products.
  • With the 130+ years of experience in making the various Ayurveda formulations, no wonder Dabur got its hand sanitizer right off the bat in first go. As expected they added 60% alcohol base to the sanitizer which is sufficient enough to kill the majority of microbes.
  • Its an Ayurvedic hand sanitizer that uses the 60% alcohol base and is non-sticky in nature. Currently, it is available in three fragrances like regular, lemon and stawberry.

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