Toughest Gorilla Glass 0f Decade ‘Victus’ Launched By Corning
Corning launches toughest Gorilla Glass Victus

Toughest Gorilla Glass 0f Decade ‘Victus’ Launched By Corning

Corning launched its latest glass technology on Friday called Gorilla Glass Victus, Corning Gorilla Glass 6’s successor. The company claims to have heard consumer demand for enhanced durability and worked towards improving both drop performance and scratch.

The company that developed the first glass bulbs for electric light by Thomas Edison in 1879 is today enveloping over 8 billion consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and wearables with its flagship product called Corning Gorilla Glass.

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“The comprehensive market testing conducted by Corning has shown that increased drop and scratch efficiency are core components of customer buying decisions,” John Bayne, Sr. said. Vice-President And Director General, Corning.

Durability is one of the most important purchasing factors for smartphones in three of the world’s biggest smartphone markets-China, India , and the United States-second only to the mobile itself.

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Durability was twice as significant when measured against factors such as screen size, camera resolution, and system thinness and customers were able to pay a premium for better durability.

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In addition, Corning analyzed reviews from over 90,000 customers showing that the importance of drop and scratch results has almost doubled in seven years.

“Dropped phones may lead to damaged phones, but as we built improved lenses, phones survived more drops but also had more noticeable bruises, which may affect system usability,” added Bayne.

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Corning claims during laboratory tests that when dropped to hard, rough surfaces, Gorilla Glass Victus achieved drop performance of up to 2 metres. Corning says other manufacturers’ competitive alumino-silicate glasses typically fail when dropped from under 0.8 metres.

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Gorilla Glass Victus also surpasses Gorilla Glass 6, with a scratch tolerance increase of up to 2X. In addition, Gorilla Glass Victus’ scratch tolerance is up to 4X higher than efficient alumino-silicate glasses, the company claims.

Samsung would quickly become the first company to embrace Gorilla Glass Victus.

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