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How Will Schools Be Transformed By New Learning Methods?

Children may return to school in the coming academic year after nearly 1.5 year of digital learning at home. Schools and instructors are preparing a back-to-school learning plan as vaccines are delivered and educational institutions reopen their doors.


National Education Policy & Reforms 2020 (NEP): Explained

The NEP 2020 is India\’s first new education policy in the twenty-first century, with the previous one being adopted in 1986, 34 years earlier. Thus, the NEP succeeds the 1986 National Policy on Education, which was revised once in 1992. Prior to it, in 1968, the first education policy was enacted.

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What is Blockchain Technology?

The term “blockchain technology” typically refers to the transparent, trustless, publicly accessible ledger that allows us to securely transfer the ownership of units of value using public key encryption and proof of work methods.


What is Bitcoin and how does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is made up of two words, ‘Bit’ & ‘Coin’. If you cut the information inside computers into smaller pieces, you will find 1s and 0s. These are called bits. You already know about coins.

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How Does Wi-Fi Work ?

Do you ever have that moment where you step back and think about how something you use every day actually works? More specifically have you ever wondered how the heck computers actually communicate wireless ? What Is WiFi ?First, let’s cover some of the basics….

Artificial Vs Augmented Intelligence
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Artificial Vs Augmented Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has gained a very bad reputation over the years. For some, the term AI has become synonymous with mass unemployment, mass slavery, and robotic mass extermination of humans. Among some, AI also conjures up dystopian visions of Terminator, The Matrix, Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Elon Musk alert messages.