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Monkeypox, Cases in Europe & US are ‘Puzzling Experts’, All About The Rare Viral Infection EXPLAINED

WHO was notified of two laboratory confirmed cases and one probable case of monkeypox, from the same household, in the United Kingdom.


Apple iPhone 13 Price & Specs: Everything you need to know

iPhone 13 is one of the most popular models of the iPhone 13 series that also comprise the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Electric Vehicles

New Tata Avinya Electric SUV Highlights: Specs, Features, Images, Range, and more

The Tata Avinya concept has been unveiled ahead of its production-ready model that is set to be introduced by 2025.

digital money

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Since many of the securities traded in the market have been digitised in the previous decade, the Central Bank Digital Currency is the next step (CBDC).
CBDC is becoming increasingly popular acros


Semiconductor Market in India

Semiconductors are the fundamental building components of contemporary electronics, acting as the heart and brain. These semiconductor chips are now found in modern

Best 5, Laptops

Best 5 Laptops Under 40000 in India for Office Use

Best 5 Laptops Under 40000 in India for Office Use For a cheap laptop, Rs 40,000 is a nice spot. Anything less than this, or Rs 35,000, would put you in the market for low-end entry-

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