The air purifier has been tested, and it has been shown to be capable of deactivating the COVID virus with an efficiency of 99.9% in just one minute. Tweeted by IITK

Researchers keep looking for solutions to stop the infections. An Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur-backed business recently created an air purifier that, according to the company, can “deactivate” the Covid-19 virus in just one minute.

At the two IIT campuses, AiRTH developed this anti-microbial air purifier technology.

IIT Kanpur stated that “Anti-Microbial Air Purication Technology,” created in collaboration with IIT Bombay, has proven to be a ground-breaking invention against both air pollutants and the coronavirus.

The technology, created by AiRTH, completely protects by both purifying the air and eliminating pathogens. Having undergone testing at CSIR-IMTECH, it has been noted that the purier uses UV-C radiation to destroy germs and bombards them with OH radicals to increase residence time and intensity. “The germs and microorganisms are collected utilising coated filters and subsequently killed by the OH radicals created owing to the process of ionisation and constant UVC irradiation inside the purifier,” stated Ravi Kaushik, the company’s chief executive officer.