According to reports, YouTube is developing a feature that would restrict access to 4K and higher resolution films to premium members exclusively, leaving free viewers with only the option of 1440p. The action follows recent reports that the Google-owned video-sharing site was testing the addition of five skippable commercials before films are played for free. According to reports, the business is attempting to impose limits and limitations on free users in an effort to boost income creation by encouraging more people to sign up for YouTube Premium on their accounts.

The new tests that limit video quality for free users were discovered by a Reddit user, who noticed that the option to play at 2160p appeared in the video quality selection menu with the phrase “Premium – Tap to upgrade.” The Reddit poster continued by saying that the area where the new limitation was discovered was set to the US, suggesting that the business is now testing its new video quality-based revenue model in the US.

If the firm uses this business model, free users would only be able to play films at a maximum resolution of 1440p.

The firm recently tested ten unskippable advertisements, but the move was not well welcomed by consumers, who used to social media sites like Reddit and Twitter to voice their annoyance at being forced to see additional advertising.

In response to one of these users’ complaints on Twitter, YouTube said that these quintuple “bumper commercials” are only “up to 6 seconds long,” as opposed to the more customary single or double unskippable ads that are longer in length. The reply tweet went on to say that users may utilise the platform’s “submit feedback” function to provide comments on “bumper advertisements.”

With a monthly cost of Rs. 129 for a single user and Rs. 189 for a family plan that includes up to 6 people, YouTube Premium provides users with an ad-free YouTube experience. Additionally, users may access YouTube Music and YouTube Originals content with a premium membership.